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Secretariat Office of the Organizing Committee:
Add:Unit2304,Building Jinxiao,Number1,Lane36, Biquan Road,Shanghai
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Contact Person: Mr Wang Jian
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Shanghai is an international financial and business city, the window for opening up to the outside world. The increasingly frequent social activities make people pay more attention to their appearance. Benefits of self-highlighting and self-expression for getting established in society in fierce social competition promote people to continuously pursue perfect and individualized image. In recent years, medical plastic surgery and life beauty have swept the whole country with exuberance and rapid development, which represents modern people’s pursuit for personality and perfection and desire for beauty. It is the nature of human beings and the presence of loving life to appreciate their own beauty which is demand of the times as well as legitimate individual rights. This is the vital factor that beauty cause is more and more concerned by popular among society. 80 percent of China’s plastic surgery involves surgical operation, while laser devices are mostly used for publicity, the reason of which lies in the rapid updating and high price of products, and a process for being more skillful in them is necessary. The plastic surgery in developed countries is not restricted in epidermis, therefore medical equipment and devices are used frequently. They are in the forefront of high-end medical plastic surgery industry and have created unprecedented conditions for brave pioneers of the market.  It has pivotal realistic and historic significance for further promoting development of domestic medical plastic surgery industry and enhancing its overall image and influence among consumers and international counterparts.
    As China’s largest and most influential annual event in the medical plastic surgery industry, this exhibition takes “Specialization and High Level” as a guideline. In order to raise buyer


China International Exchange and Promotion Association for Medical and Health Care (CPAM)  
Domestic and Foreign Supporters:
Association of Asian Medical Plastic Surgery
Japan Association of Medical Cosmetology
Taiwan Association of Micro-Plastic Surgery
American Association of Medical Cosmetology
Taiwan Society of Medical Cosmetology Education
Korea Orthopedic Association 

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